1. History

Science and Technology Development Journal (STDJ), Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM) was established in 1997. And the first issue was published in January 1998 with ISSN 1859-0128. Since then, STDJ has become the most important scientific forum of scientists from VNU-HCM as well as other universities. The magazine has undergone 20 years of development and has become a bridge for scientific exchanges, as well as enriching reference materials for the faculty, doctoral students, students of VNU-HCM in particular and other universities, institutes...

By the end of 2016, the journal has published 276 issues with 2714 research articles in five areas of research: Engineering and Technology, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Economics of Law and Management Sciences, Earth Sciences and Environment corresponding to 5 specialized journals of the Journal.

The journal has been widely indexed in the various libraries at Vietnam. To increase the international audiences, STDJ will be published fulltexts in English from Vol 21 (2018).


2. Focus and Scope

The journal is concerned with all aspects of interaction between humans, natural resources and ecosystem, special climates or unique geographic zones and the earth. Subject areas: Water, and soil contamination caused by waste managment; environmental problems associated with transportation by land, air and water. Geological processes that may impact biosystems or humans.