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Domestic solid waste management (DSWM) in Vung Tau City (VTC) is emerging as an envi-ronmental problem behind rapid urban development. The amount of DSW increased rapidly, leading to a disturbance in the collection, transportation, and challenges in the implementation of DSWM at the source. This study aims to assess the situation and develop and analyze the scenarios of the DSWM system for VTC, thereby proposing strategies to improve the DSWM system for the city in 2024 - 2033. The scenarios of the DSWM system were built based on the situation analysis, the national and regional SWM regulations, and scientific assumptions that have been studied in Viet Nam. This study showed that the amount of DSW in VTC has in-creased rapidly at the rate of 7,4%/year over the past decade and reached 457.9 tons in 2022. About 80% of the DSW is collected by 500 informal collectors, who work spontaneously and are unmanaged. The minimalist and optimal DSWM models have been built and evaluated. The results showed that these two models of the DSWM should be applied in two phases, 2024-2028 and 2029-2033, respectively. According to this roadmap, the amount of DSW to the land-fill was estimated to reduce 26% of the total waste generation. The amount of recovered recy-clable waste is also estimated to be increased five times compared to 2023. Furthermore, the quality of DSW in the treatment area is suitable for composting and handling by waste-to-energy solutions.

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Issue: Vol 7 No 2 (2023): Vol 7 (2): Under publishing
Page No.: In press
Published: Nov 12, 2023
Section: Original Research

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Pham Phu, S. T., Tran, H. P., & Trinh, B.-S. (2023). Occurrence analysis and scenario development for domestic solid waste management in Vung Tau City. VNUHCM Journal of Earth Science and Environment, 7(2), In press.

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