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Since its invention, electricity has always been an important source of energy in human life. Waste of electricity leads to shortages, costs more and affects the environment. One of the reasons to save electricity is to conserve natural resources. Because to produce electricity, the amount of coal, oil and gas is used a lot, along with the construction of hydroelectricity, which causes rivers to be blocked, the risk of drought and floods is extremely great. Using electricity economically will help reduce the impact of environmental pollution such as greenhouse effect, global warming, melting ice, air pollution... The reality in our country is that electricity is still quite wasteful, especially in business areas and office buildings with excessive brightness. In Dong Nai, energy consumption in enterprises is quite large, the use of energy is still wasteful and inefficient; the reason is that some technologies are still outdated, equipment, production lines are old and slow to innovate; the management of electricity use in enterprises has not been paid due attention; The energy saving in production and business has not really been paid attention. Research and survey 133 businesses in Bien Hoa II Industrial Park, of which 20 are key electricity users. The research results show that: (1) The energy saving potential of the industries in the study area is very large, the management of power use is effectively implemented by all levels and sectors. fruit. (2) In the period of 2021-2025, it is forecasted that the growth rate of electricity consumption in industry in Dong Nai province will reach 10.5%/year in the period of 2021 - 2025. (3) Forecast Power consumption capacity in industrial production Pmax by 2025 in Bien Hoa Industrial Park is 121,380 kW. From there, propose solutions for both economical and efficient use of electricity such as building a monitoring system, cleaner production, energy audit... and deploying them at some enterprises to implement the solutions to use energy more efficiently and ensure sustainable development in Dong Nai province.

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Dong Thi, H., Nguyen, T., & Le, V. (2022). The The assessment of power use in Bien Hoa 2 industrial zone, Dong Nai province, and proposed solutions for economic and efficient use for 2020 to 2025. Science & Technology Development Journal - Science of The Earth & Environment, 5(S3), In press.

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