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This study investigated the removal of atrazine from an aqueous solution upon electron beam irradiation from an electron accelerator. Electron beam irradiation could be considered an advanced oxidation process (AOP); these techniques have been recently applied to remove a lot of contaminants in wastewater streams. Atrazine concentrations in aqueous solutions ranging from 2 mg/L to 6 mg/L were eliminated using electron beam irradiation (2-6 kGy) at pH levels ranging from 5 to 9. The coupled electron beam and hydrogen peroxide (from 1 to 5 mM) were also investigated. This study was conducted by the Taguchi method with four variables: initial pH, atrazine concentration, H2O2 dosage, and absorbed dose to mitigate atrazine in solutions. The Taguchi process was evaluated using a Signal to Noise (S/N) ratio to find the optimal condition with the simplest design. The obtained results indicate that the absorbed dose is the most important factor, followed by the atrazine concentration and initial pH, while H2O2 seems negligible to the removal efficiency. The optimal Taguchi condition shows that the electron beam process reached the best efficiency. The best predicted atrazine eradiation was obtained 100.1% at initial pH5, H2O2 of 3 mM, atrazine concentration of 2 mg/L and absorbed dose of 6 kGy. Two confirmed experiments at optimal test conditions also performed 99.5% atrazine removal and were well fit with predicted results. Moreover, the operation cost at the optimal condition was determined approximately 3.032 $/m3, which was much cheaper than conventional treatment techniques. These obtained results highlight the potential of using the electron beam process to degrade atrazine contaminants.

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Issue: Vol 5 No 2 (2021)
Page No.: Online first
Published: Oct 4, 2021
Section: Original Research

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Luu, T., Nguyen, D., Duong, H., & Bui, H. (2021). Electron beam induced degradation of atrazine in solution using Taguchi approach. Science & Technology Development Journal - Science of The Earth & Environment, 5(2), Online first.

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