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In recent decades, the study of flood vulnerability has been widely mentioned and used by scientists in Vietnam as well as internationally. There are different methods for assessing flood vulnerability for an area. In particular, in recent years, qualitative methods for determining internal vulnerability have been focused. This article complements and develops a set of criteria through the synthesis, selection and exclusion of criteria in case studies on flood vulnerability that have been successfully applied in Vietnam and other countries. On that basis, the selection of vulnerability indicators and the integration of different stakeholder perspectives to assess flood vulnerability for an area, specifically applying flood vulnerability assessment. for Dong Ha city, Quang Tri province. The set of criteria developed includes criteria on exposure, sensitivity and tolerance of the following components: economic (FVI Kinhte), social component (FVIxahoi), environmental component (FVImoitruong) and physical components (FVIvatly). The results show that flood vulnerability in Dong Ha city ranges from small to moderate in which: Dong Thanh ward has the highest vulnerability value of 0.41 and ward 3, Ward 4 has the lowest vulnerability value of 0.06.

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Tuấn, N., Dũng, N., & Van, C. (2021). Establish criteria for assessing the flood vulnerability index of Dong Ha City, Quang Tri province. Science & Technology Development Journal: Science of the Earth & Environment, 5(SI2), SI143-SI150.

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