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Air pollution epidemiology studies have found statistically significant associations between particulate matter (PM) concentrations and morbidity, mortality. 24-h personal PM 2,5 exposures were sampled by PEM 2,5 (SKC) with flowrate 4 l/minute on teflon filter (Pall). 64 households in Binh Thanh and district 2 (HCM city) were monitored from 7/2007 to 3/2008, repeated 9 times for each household. Elements in particle were analysed by INAA. Software PMF 5,0 (EPA) was used to detemine PM2,5 sources. PM2,5 was also monitored at 2 fixed-site monitor stations, D2 and zoo, during sampled time with the same 24H Personal PM 2,5 method. Medium PM2,5 concentration at fixed-site monitor station was 48,99 ± 21,68 μg/m3 (median: 46,46 μg/m3), lower than the ambient standard limit. 24-h personal PM 2,5 exposure was là 64,28 ± 33,18 μg/m3 (median: 58,17 μg/m3), higher than the ambient standard limit (p<0,05). PM2,5 sources were from dust (16,03%), traffic (17,72%), industrial (30,48%), indoor activity (21,03%) and marine (14,74%).

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Issue: Vol 1 No M1 (2017)
Page No.: 26-34
Published: Jun 30, 2017
Section: Original Research

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Vu, D., & Truong, C. (2017). PM2.5 personal exposure and sources of population living near 2 environment monitoring stations in Ho Chi Minh city. Science & Technology Development Journal: Science of the Earth & Environment, 1(M1), 26-34.

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